Toowoomba Organic Market: Collaboration



First Coat Studios Presents ‘Marketplace’ by Bronte Naylor and Ian McCallum. A Mural commission located at 4 Neil Street Toowoomba Qld. This mural project was commissioned by the Organic Food Market. 

‘Marketplace’ by Bronte Naylor and Ian McCallum

Artists Bronte Naylor and Ian McCallum recently completed a collaborative mural project in South East Queensland. The pair travelled to a handful of organic food producers in the Darling Downs region and documented the organic farming practice. The imagery found was used in a visual response culminating in a large scale artwork located at the Organic Food Market in Toowoomba.

This project was an investigation into what it takes to provide a quality, ethical product in the 21st century. From what was observed, every stage of the development of the product is mindful. The imagery used, describes a relationship between earth’s resources, animals and humans. While being a response to the farming practices, parallels can be drawn with other industries. The artists believe that their practice should be led in a similar way and this exciting project is well worth a look if you are interested in the story behind the products you consume.