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About the Artist

Bronte Naylor is an Australian artist based in South East Queensland. Since 2011, she has been exhibiting her illustrative works in galleries and as large-scale artworks in public spaces. Naylor completed a Bachelor degree in Creative Industries, majoring in Visual Art at James Cook University, Cairns. In 2016, Naylor undertook a residency at First Coat Studios, Toowoomba, where she established a full time arts practice.

She is currently completing her Honours degree in Visual Art at University of Southern Queensland, where she is investigating contemporary painting and memory theory through digital and physical applications. Her creative processes are influenced by the continuity of memory and its relationship to time. Naylor observes how the human mind returns to retrieve memories, warping them in this process.

National collaborations with First Coat International Art Festival, Sea Walls Australia and Big Picture Festival have seen Naylor firmly positioned as an emerging heavyweight in Australian public art.


Public Art

Conceptualising and delivering Murals is Naylor Primary focus within her practise. This pursuit see her travel around Australia executing projects.


Gallery & Studio

Naylor has consistently exhibited her illustrative studio work through out Queensland since 2011. Throughout this time she has worked with themes surround memory.



Generating and documenting site specific imagery is highly important within Naylor practise. This process ensures the originality and authenticity of her works.

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The impactful relationship between Public Art and Community is held in high significance to Naylor and is reflected in her processes and outcomes.



Naylor has aided several other exhibiting Artist’s to up-skill their own practise to translate to Public Art outcomes. This has been achieved through specific mentoring programs, up-skilling assistants and collaboration.



Brontë Naylor is an experienced workshop facilitator offering a range of different Visual Art & Public Art workshops. She is skilled in accommodating to all levels of capability from early age to advanced painters